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Marine Associates - "management consultants to the Marine Industry"

Our philosophy is clear - knowledge drives innovation, development, efficiency and thus profitability.  We can prove that knowledge and assist your business reach those goals.

From Capital projects, planning and implementation to Health and Safety compliance and administration, personnel issues, IT, accounts or system requirements to keeping the customers happy, the benefits of experience in the marine field enables the right decisions to be made for you and your business.

There are no really unique business problems, however, standing alone can make it seem that way.  The opportunity to share this can be a valuable tool to its resolution.

We can't promise the perfect answer, but we can offer an informed and experienced outside opinion enabling clarity and focus, breaking down what can seem to be a complex and unsurmountable problem into a set of implementable solutions.

Specializing in the marine leisure sector, we have a panel of consultants drawn from, and working within, the Marine industry that can bring the benefit of their experience to help you succeed.

Our ethos is one of listening to your requirements, appraising your and the business's needs and then providing an alternative view, guidance or advise as to how to meet your expectations.

All of our panel are experienced in this with track record to prove it.

Current offer:

Currently, we are offering a free business performance appraisal - simple, free and with no obligation to continue.

Our expectation is that you will see we mean business and are able to identify for you areas where we can assist you measurably improve your systems and controls to deliver your business performance expectations.

We dont profess to have all the answers, but this could be the opportunity you have been looking for to form that 3rd party view enabling you to move forward with your business aspirations.

Call Jonathan Fielding for a preliminary discussion or e-mail - we look forward to hearing from you.

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